Health Promotion

University of Mississippi

Mental and Emotional Wellness

Mental and emotional wellness involves the awareness and acceptance of one’s feelings,
emotions and thoughts whether they are negative, positive, or indifferent.

Characteristics of Mental and Emotional Wellness:

  • Having the ability to accept be present with your emotions
  • Being able to empathize or be sympathetic towards others’ emotions, feelings, or

Achieving Mental and Emotional Wellness:

  • Identify coping strategies that are tailored specific for you
  • Seek resources for help when needed
  • Identify stress management practices that work for you
  • Practice mindfulness methods
    • Progressive muscle relaxation
    • Self-guided online meditation websites


Campus Resources:

Counseling Center

Psychological Services Center


For more information on how to achieve emotional and mental wellness please visit:

Fragrant Heart Guided Meditation:
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