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Managing Your Symptoms

How We Can Help You Quit or Manage Your Symptoms
The University of Mississippi supports its employees and students who want to quit smoking by offering individual cessation programs at no cost. This offer is for students and employees.

Help Quitting

Resources for UM Employees/Students

The following is a full list of resources available to employees, students, and the general public to help stop using tobacco or manage cravings if you choose to do so:

  • University Student Health Services – Individual cessation counseling is available to help students and employees be successful in quitting smoking. We can help you explore options, including medications and behavior changes, and pick strategies that work for you! Services are offered to part-time and full-time UM students. Services are all so available for employees. For more information contact (662) 915-5279 or email;
  • UM Counseling – For those who find quitting or cutting down particularly challenging various counseling formats are offered to help with tobacco cessation, reducing tobacco use, and managing stress and cravings. Students must be enrolled at UM for at least 6 credit hours to be eligible for services.

Call (662)-915-3784

Online Resources

  • Tobacco Free U – Offers college students free on-line information, guides, and resources related to tobacco and quitting tobacco use.

  • Become an Ex – The EX plan teaches you how to re-learn life without cigarettes in 3 steps – all geared to help make the seemingly impossible possible.

  • Freedom from Smoking® Online Program – On-line program from the American Lung Association consisting of seven modules, each containing four lessons, to assist you in quitting tobacco. Participants are also encouraged to participate in message boards to give and receive support as they go through the quit process.

  • Smoke Free TXT- is a FREE mobile service designed for young adults. G=Smoke free TXT provides encouragement, advice and tips to help smokers for good.

Off Campus Resources Tobacco Cessation ACT Now Batesville (1-800-QUIT-NOW)

Managing Your Symptoms

  • Keep other things around to substitute for cigarettes. Try carrots,
    sunflower seeds, apples, celery, raisins, or sugar free gum.
  • Take a walk or write down your feelings in a journal, or do a crossword puzzle, Sudoku; when you want a cigarette very badly.
  • Learn to relax quickly by taking deep breaths. Visit this site for breathing exercises (download MP3 and listen)
  • Drink water. Water is a great quitting aid. It helps you detoxify more quickly and works well as a craving-buster. And by keeping yourself hydrated, you’ll feel better overall. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Managing Urges Resources

No-Smoking Confidence Assessment and Tips